Ramadan's Last Night & Zakat Al Fitr | Majed Mahmoud

Ramadan’s Last Night & Zakat Al Fitr | Majed Mahmoud

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It is all about the ending. There are clear authentic narrations regarding Laylatul-Qadr being possibly on the 29th and the last night of Ramadan. Strive to work as hard as possible till the last moment.

Also, during the last days of Ramadan, one should give Zakatul-Fitr. An obligatory charity on every capable man, woman, young and old.

Ask your local Imam to determine the exact monetary value in case you wanted to give it in money.

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  1. Ayisha

    As salamu alaykum, Majed Mahmoud! Please make a video on islamic tafseer books. Please do recommend the best English translated version available.

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